Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hairstyle Lookbook: Curled Half Updo

Today, I am doing my first ever hairstyle lookbook! One of my best friends actually gave me the idea the other day and sent me pictures from when I did her hair for homecoming last year! 

She came to me with a few inspiration pictures off of pinterest. We did a practice round the day before to make sure I could get some practice. There was a lot of trial and error involved but I am very proud of the outcome! She was beautiful!!

Pinterest Inspirations:

Our Version:

I am by no means a hair expert but I thought I would give it a try since I love looking at cute hairstyles all the time. I thought I did a pretty good job for it being my first time ever doing a hairstyle based off of a picture. Let me know what you think! :)

What You Will Need:
  1. Hair brush
  2. Hair clips (to section hair off)
  3. Curling iron (or wand)
  4. Lots of bobby pins
  5. Hairspray
How to Achieve this Look:
  • Start with fully dried hair. Comb through hair to get rid of any tangling. Go ahead and part your hair the way you want it parted for this look.
  • Section hair off and clip excess on top of your head (thicker hair may need more sections)
  • Grab a small/large piece of hair and curl it (just remember the smaller the piece of hair you use, the tighter the curl will be and vice versa)
  • Hold the hair on the barrel 10-20 seconds (30 seconds for hard to curl or thick hair)
  • When you release it from the barrel, spray it with some hair spray and hold it in your hand for a few seconds so it has a little time to cool while it's being scrunched together- this is supposed to make the curls more defined and last longer
  • You can put that piece down and begin working on another piece- you will do this over and over until your whole head is curled.
  • Once all the hair is curled, take a small piece of hair from the left side of your head (up at the hair line) and pin it to the back of your head.
  • Then take a small piece of hair from the right side of your head and pin it to the back of your head. You will continue doing this as many times as you would like until you have created your desired look!
  • If you have bangs like she did, you can twist them back and hide the pin underneath the other hair in the back.

It's a super easy hairstyle once you get the hang of it. I hope you enjoyed my first lookbook! Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any hairstyle requests!


  1. I love the style and layout of your blog! And your tutorial is fantastic!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and following! :) It means a lot to me!

  2. Such a pretty look. Thank you for the follow. I have followed you back on bloglovin.

    Karen x

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my blog! :)

  3. Hi hun! I love the hair style. I found you through Stop Drop and beauty blog hop. You have a lovely blog. I am now following via GFC and bloglovin.

  4. Great post! Gorgeous looks!

  5. Love this style I'm so boring with my hair, I should try this sometime.

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    Elle xx

    1. Awh thank you! I am pretty boring with my hair too! Hopefully this will inspire me to start trying out new hairstyles! :)

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  7. That looks amazing, and more importantly easy! I'm kind of 'hair stupid' so easy is a must for me :D Returning the follow too.

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  8. Love the hairstyle and your version is AMAZING! Looks so gorgeous and dressy x

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  10. Very cute! I've seen the pin a few times and like the look. You did great!

  11. I'm heading to a wedding this weekend and might try to re-create this. Love that first picture and, of course, yours as well!!

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  12. You look lovely! & Congrats on the award! Newest follower! x

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