Friday, August 30, 2013

Tarte Eye Couture Day-to-Night Eye Palette Review

Today I am doing a review on the Tarte Eye Couture Day-to-Night Eye Palette. I purchased this from Sephora while it was on sale. This palette is originally $44 and I got it on sale for $26! What a steal!! I only have one other eye shadow trio from Tarte so I thought it would be a fun idea to try out some other products from them! This deal was too good to pass up! 

Tarte is known for their natural qualities- they don't have any synthetic dyes and fragrances in their products which are more eco-friendly and better for your skin. Tarte can be kind of on the pricey side which is why I don't tend to purchase from them but with a price this great for 10 eyeshadows , a double-ended brush, a double-ended brown and charcoal eyeliner AND an eyelid primer.. who in their right mind would say no?! The palette also comes with a card that has two daytime looks and two nighttime looks and directions on how to achieve them.

Let's start with the packaging! This palette is enclosed in a purple quilted palette adorned with a gold lock and key. It is one of those palettes that I wouldn't necessarily consider "functional" because I don't see myself carrying it around like a clutch. If anything, I would throw it in my purse or makeup bag. 

Now let's get to the good stuff- the eyeshadows and other goodies that came with the palette! There are 10 eyeshadows total in this palette- the top row is from the bronze family and the bottom row is from the charcoal family). The colors are very wearable and are the perfect colors to transform any day look to a nighttime look! The consistency of these eyeshadows are creamy (obviously not like cream eyeshadow but they feel like butter!) They blend very easily and the colors all go very well together!

The photo above shows the top row of eyeshadows- the bronze family.

The photo above shows the bottom row of eyeshadows - the charcoal family.

The double-ended brush is very great quality! I can't stand when you spend a lot of money on a palette and end up with a crappy eyeshadow brush. All brushes that come with higher-end makeup palettes should always come with a higher-end type brush.. we are spending good money and expect a good product! *Sorry for that rant!* 

The double-ended eyeliner is super creamy and glides on very easily. That's another thing that I can't stand.. eyeliner that practically scratches your eyelid while you are trying to get the product on. If we wanted to dig into our eyelids to get an eyeliner on, we would just use a ballpoint pen! The eyeliner does smear a little throughout the day but that's usually what happens with a pencil type liner (unless its waterproof- of course!).

The photo above shows the charcoal end of the eyeliner.

The photo above shows the bronze end of the eyeliner.

The eyelid primer was a little bonus gift that was included in the palette. It's just a deluxe size sample but it does the trick! I don't have one single eyelid primer that I love over another, simply because they all do the same thing for me. It's consistency reminds me of the Urban Decay primer. Also, like the Urban Decay primer, you apply it with a wand applicator and blend it in with your finger or a brush.

Unfortunately, this palette is no longer available at Sephora or Ulta. Fortunately, I have found them on many other websites. I will list a few places I've seen them available below!

I am really enjoying this eyeshadow palette! If you can get your hands on it still, I definitely suggest getting it! :)

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced in any way. I am not affiliated or linked to any of the brands mentioned in this blog. This product was purchased by me with my own money.


  1. Gorgeous little bag and the shades are soo pretty, I HAVE to try this :o). Xx

  2. Love all of the shades!! Just followed you on Bloglovin' --- I'm also on Bloglovin'

  3. Great swatches! The colors look so rich and beautiful! Tarte is one of my favorite makeup brands because their stuff never disappoints me! Now following you from the blog hop :)

  4. loving all of the shades in this tarte eyeshadow palette, especially the lilac one, thank you for sharing!♡

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