Monday, June 4, 2012

Speck iPhone 4s Case

Ever since I've had my iPhone 4s, I have always used Otterbox cases. They are pretty boring when it comes to colors. I have had a pink defender and a blue commuter. The defender was way too big and bulky for me. My commuter broke. Thankfully it didn't harm my phone. I decided to do a little bit of searching for a new iPhone case and I came across Speck

I have seen these cases in Target on several occasions but I just assumed they wouldn't really protect my phone like I wanted. I read a lot into the company and read a lot of reviews and finally decided to buy one. They have so many colors so it was hard to decide on a color. I decided to get a minty green case. 

Let me just say that I am IN LOVE with this case. I am also in love with the color! I wish I had gotten these a long, long time ago. I will never go back to Otterbox again. They also sell phone cases for HTC, Samsung, Motorolla and Blackberry Smartphones. They sell iPod, iPad, Macbook, Kindle and Nook cases. Check out their website for all the details, colors, prices and much more! I promise you will fall in love if you haven't already!

Information on my Speck Case: CandyShell for iPhone 4S/4 in SnakeBite Green and costs $34.95

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