Monday, May 28, 2012

LORAC Review

LORAC recently sent me some of their "top of the line" products for me to try. I have never tried anything from LORAC before but I fell in love with all the products I received. Unfortunately, the blush/bronzer duo was completely shattered when I opened the box so I couldn't do a review on it. I emailed them to see if they can send a replacement and I am waiting to hear back. On another note, I already did some shopping on their website to see what other products I would like to buy in the near future. You can check out their website here.

  • Front of the Line Pro Eyeliner (Black) - $23 
I've used many eyeliners (pencil, cream and liquid) but this one has become my ALL time favorite. The flexible felt tip brush allows you to get the perfect line every time. This pen can create anything from a fine natural line to a thick bold line. It is also smudge proof and water resistant. It looked like it would be difficult to apply but to my surprise, it was actually VERY easy!

  • Behind the Scenes Eye Shadow Primer - $21 
The only eye shadow primer I have ever used is the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I must say I don't see a difference between the two but I'm really enjoying this primer so far!
  • Breakthrough Performance Foundation (Medium) - $38
I'm really loving this foundation! It's the perfect color for my skin tone. It is a anti-aging foundation with SPF 14. It contains pre-aging, anti-aging and hydrating ingredients along with antioxidants to help skin look youthful and radiant. I have dry skin so I thought that this product would be perfect - and I was right! It's a very lightweight formula and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth.
  • Double Feature Concealer & Highlighter (Light/Medium) - $25 
This product is absolutely amazing! To use the highlighter, untwist the wand from the base. To use concealer stick, pull off the cap and roll up. To use blender ball, take off the clear cap and roll the ball in a circle over the concealer stick for blended perfection. I am in love with the blender ball. It does a amazing job at covering up dark circles and blemishes.

  • Oil-Free Neutralizer Color Correcting Makeup - $30
I was so excited when I saw this product! I tend to have a little bit of a red undertone and this product is meant to conceal it. They recommend that you wear it by itself (without foundation) with a moisturizer because it is already a highly concentrated formula. A little goes a long way so if you decide to wear it with your foundation, mix it with a few pumps of neutralizer. 
  • TANtalizer Award Show GLOW Firming Body Bronzing Mousse - $32
I have only tried this once and so far I like it! It doesn't make you look orange. Self-tanner has always been difficult for me to apply because I always tend to have streaks. I like that the bronzing mousse leaves me skin feeling very smooth. I am still not sure about it but I will continue to use it until it's all gone.

  • Little Black Palette - $34
I am in LOVE with this palette. The colors are gorgeous and very pigmented! I am a huge fan of neutrals so when I opened it up I was so excited! The palette includes a mini behind the scenes eye shadow primer which I use a lot of.

  • Wild for TANtalizer - $39
I am absolutely in love with this bag. The bag came with a 4 eye shadow palette, a bronzing powder and a lip gloss. The colors are gorgeous! I love that this company is really into their gold and bronze colors. The eye shadows and the bronzing powder are very pigmented. I love the color of the lip gloss but I'm not a huge fan of how sticky it is.

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