Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo Review

As most of you know, it is much better on your hair to not wash it every day. When you wash your hair every day, it strips your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy. I am guilty of washing my hair every day. Over time, my hair began to get really brittle and dry and I was beginning to have a lot of breakage and split ends. 

I finally decided it was time for me to take better care of my hair and give it a break every other day. I have always heard a lot of good things about dry shampoo so the other day I went to Target and decided to buy Dove's dry shampoo. It comes in a 5oz can and costs $4.49. 

I know we all have different hair types from oily to dry so some people don't have to use the dry shampoo as much as others. My hair is pretty dry so it can  typically go about 2-3 days without needing any dry shampoo to absorb the oils. Some people have very oily hair and need to wash their hair every day to keep their hair from looking greasy. That's where dry shampoo comes in. It isn't harsh on your hair like washing your hair daily would be. 

DIRECTIONS: Shake well and spray (about 8-10 inches away from hair) directly onto roots. You then rub it into your scalp for about a minute. Once finished, brush hair and style as usual. 

Bottom line: It smells amazing! It doesn't weigh down your hair. If you have oily hair or you just want to give your hair a break like me then I would recommend trying this dry shampoo!

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