Monday, November 4, 2013

October Wantable Box Review

I have another Wantable box review for you today! If you didn't see my last review, here is an overview:

  • Create an account at and choose the category (makeup, intimates, accessories, or a limited edition box) you want to purchase. There will be a questionnaire so that they can learn more about you and your style and what you like and what you don't like- this helps them find the perfect products for YOU! 
  • Next, you choose whether you want to purchase a one-time box or subscribe for monthly boxes. If you subscribe for monthly boxes, you can always skip a month or cancel without any penalty. Obviously if you purchase the one-time box, you can always subscribe for a monthly subscription later on if you decide you enjoyed the box! *Remember that monthly subscription boxes ship automatically each month- so if you do decide to cancel or skip, do so before the shipment!*
Monthly Subscription Box: $36/month
One-Time Box: $40

*Another great thing about Wantable is if you aren't satisfied with the products you received in your box, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked!

Now I will get onto the part you've been waiting for! For my October Wantable box, I received some pretty great products! I was pleasantly surprised by all the nice goodies in this box! Here is everything I got:

Cailyn Cosmetics LineFix Gel Eyeliner in Mermaid - $21
I died when I opened up the package and saw the color of this eyeliner! I will be getting A LOT of use out of this one! I really love when the name actually describes the color of the product; it is the perfect mermaid color!! Cailyn Cosmetics has some great products- I'm so glad I've had the chance to try out some of them in some of my past boxes!

Kikkerland Glam Girl Tweezers - $4
Aren't these the cutest tweezers you've ever seen?! I was super happy to see this in my box because my tweezers are on their last life! So happy to throw out my old ones and start using this cute new pair!

29 Cosmetics Reserve Moisturizing Lipstick in Expressive Rose - $25
I didn't used to be a huge fan of lipsticks but as I have probably said before, I'm trying to push myself to try some new things! I was a little scared to try this out at first but once I tried it on I fell in love with it! Not only is the color absolutely beautiful, but the consistency of it is out of this world! I have never used a lipstick this creamy before! It feels like I put a very moisturizing chapstick on! OBSESSED!!

Lise Watier Hydra Shine Lip Stain in Fuchsia - $20
When I saw that I had gotten a lip stain, I was super excited! I hate to say it but I really disliked this product! I hated the way it went on my lips and it was hard to apply! You will be able to see in my lip swatch that I wasn't able to apply it correctly because the tip was too stiff and hard to use. If it had a doe foot applicator, it may have worked a little better but the pen just wasn't cutting it for me! It also left my lips looking and feeling super dry!

Manna Kadar Blush in Sweet Cheeks - $19
I wouldn't say I was overly impressed with this product but I wasn't disappointed either. I am not a huge fan of cream blushes but I will definitely try this out for a little while and see if I can stand to use it or not! It is a very creamy blush and the color is gorgeous!

Skiin Instant Skin Tightener & Line Filler Sample 
I haven't had a chance to try this out yet (nor do I really need to try it out.) I may give it to my mom for her to try out since I don't really need to tighten my skin yet! 

Overall, this was an amazing box! I loved almost all the products in here! If you would like to sign up or try out a makeup box (or any of the other boxes they offer), go here

What did you think about this month's box? Did you get your own and if so, what did you get in yours? I'd love to know!


Disclaimer: All reviews are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced in any way. I am not affiliated or linked to any of the brands mentioned in this blog. This product was provided to me for reviewing purposes. I am not receiving any compensation from this post.
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